Nursery Volunteers

NURSERY: — Thank you for serving!

July   5 — Daneen Roberts
July 12 — Holly/Naomi/Lydia Tobias
July 19 — Shelley/Kara/Elise Komer
July 26– Shirley Guzman

August  2 — Heidi/Rebekah Wilson
August  9 — Sarah/Hannah Benjamin
August 16 — Amy Ostella
August 23 — Leah/Kaitlin Reinert
August 30 — Holly/Naomi/Lydia Tobias

Sept.    6  — Daneen Roberts
Sept.   13 — Shelley/Kara/Elise Komer
Sept.   20 — Lisa Assenmacher
Sept.   27 — Emily Claus

Oct.    4   — Daneen Roberts
Oct.   11   — Holly/Naomi/Lydia Tobias
Oct.   18  — June Noh
Oct.   25  — Amy Ostella

Nov.    1   — Heidi Wilson
Nov.    8  — Sarah/Hannah Benjamin
Nov.   15 — Shelley/Kara/Elise Komer
Nov.   22 — Shirley Guzman

Nov.   29 —  Leah/Kaitlin Reinert

Dec.    6   — Heidi Wilson
Dec.   13  — Emily Claus
Dec.  20  — June Noh
Dec.  27  — Holly/Naomi/Lydia Tobias




Pot Luck Clean Up

MONTHLY Responsibilities:


All brown folding tables go/stay in Library.
The rest of the folding tables stay in the Furnace room.
ONLY cups and flatware in dishwasher. Everything else is hand-
washed and dried. Run dishwasher.
Place leftover food in containers for distribution or
refrigeration. Empty and wash coffee urn.
Clean counters and stove, wash up.
Sweep and/or wash kitchen floor.Vacuum, as needed.
Place empty pop bottles in trash bag in Furnace room. Take out all
trash to dumpster and replace trash containers.


(JULY) The Ostellas

(AUGUST) The Ostellas

(SEPT.) Avery Weigel

(OCT.) The Bratchers

(NOV.) The Guzmans



Quarterly Tasks


1. Clean Bathrooms — Reinert (Jan.-March) — Marino (April-June) — Ostella (July-Sept.)

2. Clean Sanctuary — Benjamin (Jan.-March) — Marino (April-June) — Daeun Lee (July-Sept.) – Kara and Rebekah (Oct.- Dec.)

3. Empty Paper Recyling Bins — Cowles (Jan.-March) — Cowles (April-June) — Bob Bartoski (July-Sept.)

4. Clean Entry Doors — Reinert (Jan.-March) — Daeun Lee (April-June) — — J. Harlukowicz (Oct.-Dec.)

5. Clean Stove/Oven — E. Carter (Jan.-March) — Lemons (April-June) — E. Carter (July-Sept.)

6. Clean Refrigerator — S.Bratcher (Jan.-March) — Lemons (April-June) — S.Bratcher(July-Sept.)

7. Clean Microwave — S.Bratcher (Jan.-March) — Elise Komer(April-June) –S.Bratcher(July-Sept.)

8. Clean Nursery Toys — — Claus  (Jan.-March) –Benjamin (April-June) — Seeun Lee (July-Sept.)

9. Adjust Outside Light Timers — Yoon Noh (Jan.-March) — Yoon Noh (April-June) — Yoon Noh– (July-Sept.) –Yoon Noh (Oct.-Dec.)

10. Update Messages on Building Sign — June Noh (Jan.-March) — June Noh (April-June) — June Noh (July-Sept.) –June Noh (Oct.-Dec.)

11. Purchase Juice for Snacks– Craigo (Jan.-March) — Craigo (April-June) — Craigo (July-Sept.) — Craigo (Oct.-Dec.)

12. Purchase Pop for Snacks — Kelly (Jan.-March) — Assenmacher(April-June) — Ostella (July-Sept.) -Tobias (Oct.-Dec.)


Annual Purchases


Copy Paper/Toner/Ink — Steve Ryan

C-Fold Paper Towels — The Mills
Toilet Paper — The Wilsons
Kleenex — The Marinos
Hand Soap — The Benjamins
Toilet Bowl Cleaner — The Meznars
Sink Cleaner — The Meznars

Communion Cups — Samjo Lee
Grape Juice — Freda P.
Paper Towels — The Benjamins
Dish Detergents — The Wilsons
Garbage Bags (33 & 55 Gal.),
Tall Wastebasket Liners, Small
Basket Liners — The Lemons
Coffee, Tea, Creamer, Sugar,
Cocoa, Stir Sticks — The Carters
PotLuck Paper Goods; Large &
Small Plates, Bowls, Drinking
Cups, Napkins,Foil, Zip-Lock
Bags, etc. — The Cowles

Communion Set Up

(Please polish Chalice once a month)

(JULY) Daneen Roberts
(AUG.) The Assenmachers
(SEPT.) The Bratchers
(OCT.) The Guzmans
(NOV.)  The Claus’
(DEC.)   The Komers

Snack Schedule

Date – Snack Volunteers:


July   12 —  Shirley Guzman
July   19 — Anita Meznar
July   26 — Sharon Bratcher

August   9 — Heidi Wilson
August 16 — Emily Claus
August 23 — Holly Tobias
August 30 — Julie Cowles

Sept.  13  —  Linda Johnson/Freda P.
Sept.  20 —  Jamie Marino
Sept.  27  –June Noh/Samjo Kwon

Oct.   11  — Shirley Guzman
Oct.   18 — Anita Meznar
Oct.   25 — Heidi Wilson

Nov.   8 — Steve Ryan
Nov.  15 — Emily Claus
Nov.  22 –Daneen Roberts
Nov.  29 — Sharon Bratcher

Dec.  13  — June Noh/Samjo Kwon
Dec.  20 — Holly Tobias
Dec.  27 — Jamie Marino

Jail Ministry Needs Reading Materials

If you have any periodicals to donate to the inmates, remove any staples and bring them to church. Give them to Terry or Chas. Perhaps put a rubber band around each item to hold it together.

Care Net Pregnancy Center Of Berkley Volunteer Training Meetings

carenet-logoWe need nurses, client advocates for both men and women and volunteers willing to help clean the center on a regular basis. If you are interested, please contact (248.545.6411, Ext. 105). We know some of you are frequent shoppers at Mom2Mom sales, and we would love if you could keep an eye out for pack-n-plays, high chairs, and bouncy seats that are in good condition (no holes in the netting for pack-n-plays, in working order, etc). We are in great need of these items for the new moms in our program.

  • New cribs
  • New bottles/nipples
  • Formula (Enfamil)
  • Wipes
  • 3—flat screen TVs and DVD players for the Detroit center

Providence Parables NOVEMBER, 2015

Pray for Pastor Wilson, Terry Benjamin, Eduardo Guzman, Chas Claus and Adam Ostella as they minister to inmates at the Oakland County Jail on the fourth Friday of each month.  Pray for inmate Vinh.

Praise for Seth Wilson as he is back on U.S. soil!!! Pray for his adjustment, and as he prepares for his next assignment in Germany. Pray for the Wilson family as they will visit Seth in Missouri this week.

Pray for Terry Benjamin’s brother, Jay.

Pray for  Julie Cowles as she deals with painful hip issue.

Pray for Bob Carstens as he tackles health issues.   KEEP THOSE MEALS COMING!

Pray for Joshua, Julie Craigo’s nephew.  He had a great report! Now he can move to yearly appts! Follow his story at

Pray for Victoria Smyles’ health concerns, as she is living in Spain.

Pray for Tony working stateside, and his sciatica pain. He has moved back
to CA.

Pray for Freda and her back pain.  Pray for the renovation of her apartment and that it would be done quickly.

Pray  for Fawn Bartoski, for her health issues.

Pray for George Kelly’s brother Scott whose cancer has returned.  Praise that the chemo seems to be helping. Pray for Scott’s wife Becky and her MS diagnosis.

Pray for the Ostella’s as they tackle Type 1 diabetes with Caleb’s recent diagnosis.  Pray for his transition to the insulin pump.

Pray for Leah Reinert’s health issues. 

Pray for Jeff Johnson’s health issues. Pray for Linda and her perseverance.

Pray for the Noh family.

Praise for the Craigo‘s. Solomon Jeffrey arrived on October 15! 1:35 p.m. 7# 11 oz. 19” long.

Pray for the OPC works in Grand Rapids, Fremont and Vineland.

Pray for college and graduate students: Hunter Kelly, Andrew Komer, Kara Komer, Stephen Komer, Juliana Meznar, Christopher Mills, Jessica Mills, Jacqueline Mills, Ronald Mills, Jr., Aaron Mortier, Harrison Noh, Megan Roberts,Danielle Theobald, Ben Tobias and Avery Weigle.

Pray for Kyle and Marcia Post as they minister in Kentucky this year.

Pray for Hope Smith, living in Arizona.

Pray for Jamie Marino’s mom’s health.  Pray for Jamie’s brother, Dominic.  Pray for his perseverance as he strives to make the right choices.

Pray for Pilgrim OPC as they search for a pastor.

Oakland County Jail Ministry

Pray for Pastor Wilson, Terry Benjamin, and Chas Claus as they minister to inmates at the Oakland County Jail on the fourth Friday of each month.